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[Government Care] Experts from Shanghai Food and Drug Administration visited Liangrun for research a
Release time: 2021-02-19

On the afternoon of February 19, 2021, Wang Anting, Director of Registration Office of Shanghai Food and Drug Administration, Wu Yi of Registration Office, Fan Zhijin, Director of Certification and Evaluation Center of Shanghai Food and Drug Administration, Liu Xin, Director of System Department, and Registration Department Minister Zhong Zhizhen visited Liangrun for research and guidance.


General Manager Sun Yulong welcomed the visiting leaders and led a tour of the Shanghai Liangrun production plant and R&D center laboratory. He briefly introduced the company's production quality system, advanced R&D achievements, and the new crown nucleic acid rapid test kit under development. Director Wang Anting And related leaders expressed their praise and affirmation for Liangrun's advanced and standardized production plant and the spirit of continuous improvement.


Subsequently, Dr. He Linfu, chairman of the board, gave a detailed introduction to the world's exclusive early gastrointestinal cancer detection product CST4, the joint detection of new crown antibodies, antigens, nucleic acids, and new crown influenza, as well as the upcoming Alzheimer's disease and type I diabetes autoantibody projects.

After Dr. He Linfu's introduction, the government leaders had a close discussion with the company's vice president and core backbones of Dynasty. Director Fan Zhijin expressed his affirmation and praise for Liangrun's R&D, products and team, and expressed his strong support for Liangrun's work. The company's product registration emergency declaration needs, director Wang Anting proposed that the "priority" declaration channel can be used, and on-site guidance and help are provided.


The leaders of Shanghai Food and Drug Administration visited, and Liangrun gained a lot. Under the care of government leaders, Shanghai Liangrun will continue to maintain its passion, implement technological innovation, and develop better diagnostic products.

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