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[Government Care] Shanghai Free Trade Zone Administration, Waigaoqiao Group Co., Ltd. and new develo
Release time: 2021-01-22

On the morning of January 21, 2021, Hu Huanzhong, deputy general manager of Shanghai Waigaoqiao Group Co., Ltd., led Cheng Wenhua, deputy director of the Economic Development Department of the Free Trade Zone Administration, Xiao Wei of the Human Resources Department, Xu Yuanyuan of the Finance Department, and Waigaoqiao Group Co., Ltd. More than ten people including Ding Sheng, Deputy General Manager of Development Strategy Department, Manager Liu Haifeng, General Manager of New Development Company Zhou Fabiao, Deputy General Manager of Marketing Service Center Zhou Qiyu, and Manager Sun Mingjia visited Liangrun for GOP research.


At the symposium, government leaders had a close conversation with the backbone of Liangrun. General Manager Sun Yulong spoke to Liangrun's global exclusive early gastrointestinal cancer detection product CST4, new crown IgM/IgG double antibody, nucleic acid, antigen, new crown influenza combined detection, neutralizing antibody detection kit, and type I diabetes autoantibodies to be launched soon. The project is described in detail.


After the introduction by General Manager Sun Yulong, Deputy General Manager Hu Huanzhong expressed his approval and praise for Liangrun's R&D, products and team, and kindly asked about the difficulties the company is currently encountering and the matters that need the support of the Free Trade Zone Administration.

Subsequently, the leaders of the Administration and various departments made speeches successively. Cheng Wenhua, deputy director of the Economic Development Department of the Free Trade Zone Administration, has given strong support to the government's special fund support. The Free Trade Zone Administration will recommend diversified financial support plans according to the company's development stage and guide enterprises to apply. At present, the company can make good use of the existing "big Zhangjiang" policy and make good connections on the spot. Deputy General Manager Hu Huanzhong of Waigaoqiao Group Co., Ltd. also agrees with the suggestion of Deputy Director Cheng Wenhua. At the same time, Zhou Fabiao, general manager of the new development company, provided docking support for the company's investment and financing, and made docking with the bank on the spot.

Finally, Hu Huanzhong, deputy general manager of Waigaoqiao Group Co., Ltd., handed over the global operator plan (GOP) corporate development file to Sun Yulong, general manager of the company, and said that the Free Trade Zone Administration will establish a one-to-one professional team service mechanism , to give directional guidance and help.


After the discussion, the visiting leaders visited the production plant and R&D center laboratory of Shanghai Liangrun. During the visit, Li Baoliang, the production quality director of Liangrun, briefly introduced the company's production quality system and advanced R&D achievements. Deputy Director Cheng and relevant leaders once again praised Liangrun's advanced and standardized production plant, continuous enterprising spirit, and achievements. and sure.


Shanghai Liangrun was founded in Shanghai Free Trade Zone on September 9, 2013. It is a national high-tech enterprise with nearly 30 R&D, clinical transformation and production quality management teams composed of masters and doctors. Shanghai Liangrun focuses on the early screening and diagnosis of major fatal diseases such as tumors, Alzheimer's disease, type 1.5 diabetes, and critical infectious diseases. Has obtained domestic NMPA and EU CE certification) new gastrointestinal tumor marker CST4 products, including the new lung cancer marker FXYD product in the clinical stage, is preparing for clinical use of 4 blood tests for Alzheimer's disease based on exosomes, new crown fast A series of innovative products such as antibodies, antigens and nucleic acids detected.


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