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The total number of patients with pulmonary nodules in the country exceeds 100 million, and the inab
Release time: 2020-05-16

Some people ask which is the most common abnormal lung problem, which is asthma? Is it COPD? Is it bronchiectasis? Is it lung cancer? No, they are annoying lung nodules. According to statistics, the number of people with asthma in the country is about 40 million, and the number of COPD is about 90 million to 100 million. The exact number of bronchiectasis has not been found, but it will not exceed 50 million. In 2017, the data of lung cancer was 700,000, and the total number of lung nodules was about 120 million. Such a large population has the following characteristics, which are worthy of attention and care.


The biggest problem with pulmonary nodules is that some of them are lung cancers. It is estimated that one-tenth of the 120 million pulmonary nodules patients in the country are early-stage lung cancer patients, which is the cause of pulmonary nodules. An important reason for collective anxiety, everyone is afraid that their nodule is lung cancer, and the degree of anxiety of the patient is not proportional to whether the lung nodule is really lung cancer, some people even if the doctor repeatedly told him that most of his nodules are Tends to be benign, still has abnormal anxiety, can't sleep at night.


It is believed that all patients with pulmonary nodules have done at least one CT scan, because most nodules smaller than 1 cm cannot be found without CT. This is a normal phenomenon, but many patients with nodules have experienced repeated nodules since they were found. The road to over-examination of CT, the most frequent patient I have ever seen, had 8 CTs in three months, two of which were enhanced CTs, which was related to the patient's anxiety. Rest assured, he went to another hospital for examination. Each time he pretended not to have an examination, hoping that the new hospital would tell him that there were no nodules in his lungs. Obviously, concealing his medical history did not bring miracles, but excessive radiation.

Not sure when to have surgery

Although pulmonology and thoracic surgeons have criteria for judging the nature of pulmonary nodules and guidance on when to perform surgery, because there is still no clear way to tell patients whether they are benign or malignant, most patients still have no way to get them. Guidance on when to perform the surgery accurately. The reasons for this phenomenon are very complicated. The main reason is that there is currently no method to obtain the components of the nodule when the nodule is still very small to accurately judge its nature. The most experienced clinicians and radiologists sometimes misunderstand, and even different doctors will give completely different answers to the same nodule.

There is no examination method that can accurately determine the nature of the nodule before surgery

This has been mentioned in the previous paragraph. At present, most of the judgment on the nature of nodules comes from the subjective judgment of clinical and radiologists based on CT performance. The so-called blood test methods on the market that can judge the nature of nodules are not accurate. It obviously exceeds the accuracy of this subjective judgment. Since the nodule is too small, its impact on human blood is minimal. Therefore, the possibility that the blood test can determine the nature of the nodule is very small, and a more sensitive and accurate method is needed. Help doctors judge.

In fact, most pulmonary nodules are benign, and lung cancer accounts for no more than 10% of all nodules. Therefore, most patients with pulmonary nodules do not need to worry too much. Regular review will not miss the best treatment. Timing, the final solution to patient anxiety still requires the advent of more sensitive and accurate examination methods.

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